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1976 Team

Team Members

Front Row: K. Johnson, R. Lawrence, Y. Myrie, J. Kiefer, M. Byrne, L. Lindberg, S. Brownell, S. Fleming, D. Hunker, S. Koenig, S. Chalem Second Row: K. Simmons, C. Borchers, B. Wright, A. McNear, L. Page, M. Briggs, B. Adams, K. Murphy, E. Zielonka, J. Smith, P. Page, V. Elsen, L. Chuzum, S. Oliver, K. Murphy  Third Row: Coach Petermann, Coach Huff, M. Lauture, C. Feller, P. Gregory, C. Sutcliffe, C. Askew, T. Dick, W. Page, M. Waught, L. Pigman, J. Pettinger, K. Buster, L. Soll, C. Spranger, S. Black, Mgr. C. Saley

Season Highlights

4th Place Team STate Finish

Willetta Page 3rd Place 220-yd 

Pam Page 8th Place 80-yd Hurdles  & 4th Place 110-yd Hurdles

440-yd Relay 2nd Place

880-yd Relay 3rd Place


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